Weird Clothing Life Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!

RACHEL: Uh, I can explain.

Hey, guys! It's Rachel, and I've compileda list of weird clothing life hacks that I eitherlearned from my friends, or learned because mylife got to a point where I just desperatelyneeded it and tried out a bunch of differentthings until one worked! Also, I'm currentlyhaving a giveaway where I give away either aniPhone 6S or a Mac Book Air.

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If you have a shirtthat's really wrinkled and you do not have time toiron it, all you gotta do is take a spray bottle andfill it with regular water, and then just spray it onyour shirt, stretch it out, and then the wrinkle willliterally be stretched out.

And once it dries, there won'tbe any wrinkles there anymore.

An easy trick for if you havejeans that will not zip up, or anything that won't zipup, pretty much if you get a stuck zipper,all you need to do is take your regulargraphite pencil and just run the graphitetip on the zipper, and then it will zip right up.

Along the same subject ofjeans, if you're in the store and you do not feellike trying on jeans, the circumference of your waistis 2 times the circumference of your neck, so all you needto do is take a pair of jeans that you want to see if theyfit, wrap it around your neck and if it justtouches, then it fits.

But if it goes pastit, than it's too big.

And if it doesn't quitetouch, then it's too small.

Try it.

It works.

I dare you.

If you have a cutepair of shoes, but you do not wantto get a blister, put a pair of dresssocks on your foot first, because thesesocks are breathable and they keep your footdry and hug it tightly.

After that, put on a pairof regular cotton socks, and then put theshoes on that you know will definitely giveyou a blister, and bam! No blisters are goingto come to that.

You know how about some ofthose old shirts that have all those little dots on it? Yeah, these dots.

Well, if you want to get ridof them, all you got to do is take a pack of, like, kind ofbad razors– that opens weird.

Oh, it's a cute color–And then literally just shave off those little dots.

I'm telling you, itjust shaves right off.

If you have a tank top, but youwant to have a strapless tank top, just flip thetank top upside down and wear it as astrapless tank top.

To hide the straps, youcan either tuck them under, or you can put your legthrough each armhole and then wear it withhigh-waisted shorts.

Did you ever accidentallyshrink your clothes in the wash before? Instead of just tossingit out, all you gotta do is soak the clothesin hot water and hair conditioner for five minutes.

Then let it dry andit will unshrink them.

So much better.

If you've ever gottena sweat stain before, you know they're reallyannoying to get out.

But a simple way to get themout is to just take a lemon, cut it in half, just rub thelemon juice on the sweat stain, spray some water onit or wipe it off.

And then your sweatstain will be gone.

I will give it back, I promise.

Yeah, I'll give it back.

If you have a friend thatwants to borrow your clothes, and you know for a fact they'rethe type of person that never gives back yourclothes, take a picture of them holding the clothes thatyou're letting them borrow, add it to your favorites, andthen you'll never forget and you'll alwaysget that outfit back.

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What is this? Is this suppose tohappen to a sweater? Did I pay for this tohappen to my sweater? No, I did not.

How do you fix it? Grab a bobby pin.

Slip the bobby pin over theruined part of the sweater and push it through to theother side of the sweater and release.

Whatever your life dependson, do not cut that sweater.

So, I hope you guysenjoyed this video.

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