Weird Christmas Life Hacks You NEED To Know!


Do cookies really get that hardafter leaving them out for one night? Time to get the bread.

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Life hack number one.

You see this lovelykind of Christmas tree that I got going on here? Well, this is a problem thatI'm pretty sure everyone has.

See these lights? They are not on.

And they are plugged in.

See? It's not like they're not onbecause they're all broken.

I know that theyall work because I bought these yesterday.

The problem at hand is oneof these bulbs are missing.

And if you have a treethat's bigger than this, it's going to takea very long time to go through everysingle light to figure out which light's missing.

So if you want to figure outwhich light bulb is missing out of all of these,all you've got to do is just take this volt detector.

And just scan overthe areas, and then it will beep when there is voltage.

But when there's no voltage,it will stop beeping.

So you know the generalarea of where it stops.

Because even if there'sa missing light, the rest of the lightsstill have voltage in them.

It's just the ones that comeafter the missing light that don't have voltage in them.

And you can literally get thisfrom any hardware store for $6 and use it everyyear to figure out which light is the broken one.

And then to fix a lightbulb, if you don't physically have a new light bulb,just unplug everything, and then take a pieceof aluminum foil and shape it intokind of an oval shape, and press it deep intolittle socket for the bulb.

You just need thetwo metal pieces on the inside of thebulb to be connected.

And the aluminum foilwill connect them.

Just turn on the light and thenall the lights will turn on.

If you like giving presentsbut you suck at wrapping, to the point whereevery single time you give someone a gift youhave to literally apologize for the way you wrapped thegift– I got you a gift, but I'm really sorry.

The wrapping's terrible.

I'm not good at wrapping.

That's you.

That's literally you.

Just wrap it likea Hershey Kiss.

All you need is asheet of aluminum foil.

And then take asheet of tissue paper and just completely crumble upthe gift in the tissue paper.

And then wrap the aluminum foilup, and then just kind of twist it.

And then you also haveto write a little card.

So cut a strip ofwhite paper out, and then write whateveryou want on the card.

And then open upthe foil on the top.

And put the little cardin, and then twist it.

And you have alittle Hershey Kiss.

And you can literallydo this with any item.

So here I'll do itwith a square box.

Here I'll do it withliterally a blow dryer.

See, it doesn'tmatter how ugly it is, because they'll think it'ssupposed to look like that.

And it is theeasiest thing ever.

This was a square box.

These were lip glosses.

This is a blow dryer.

You literally turn anythinginto a Hershey Kiss.

If you live in a small apartmentor somewhere that just doesn't have a fireplace, and youwant to make a fireplace, just find a bunch of boxes.

And just place them like this.

One on top of the other here.

Here, and one righthere, but tape it up.

Now you have to cover itwith plain white paper.

You could use tape or glue, butI found this adhesive spray.

So just spray the glue on,and just put pieces of paper over it so you cancover it up completely.

And then take some red brickcolored paper and cut out brick sized pieces of paper.

And then glue those onevery other one like this.

Kind of like in theshape of a brick.

And if some piecesdon't fit, just cut it off or glueit to the side.

And you're done.

And now you've got a cutelittle portable fireplace for apartments and stuff.

You can hang your stockingsand put some candles up.

If you want to havea fire behind it, you can make this projector.

You just need a plain shoebox and a magnifying glass.

So just trace themagnifying glass to see where you need to cut,and cut that part of the shoe box out from the front side.

And then just cut off the pieceof the magnifying glass that's a stick, and then tapethe regular circular part of the magnifying glass on.

And then just takeyour cell phone and find a YouTube video orsomething of a fireplace.

And then put it inthe center of the box and turn off the lights.

Just make sure that thevideo itself is upside down.

And it'll project thefireplace onto the fireplace.

And you can literally playwhatever you want on it.

[INAUDIBLE] Did you get me my present yet? See, this is a perfectsituation where if you didn't get a present, youcould find out exactly what she wants right now, by justsaying, yeah, I did, actually.

It's like literallythe best present you're ever going to get.


What is it? And then when theysay that, just say, I'm not going to tell you.

But if you guess it,then I'll tell you.

And now they're going to startguessing every single gift that they've ever wanted.

And now you won't getthem a bad Christmas gift.

A mountain bike.

The new OPI nail polish.

MAC lipstick.

It's the dream.


If your Christmascookies are really hard, just because you left themout or you overcooked them just a bit, all youneed to do is put the cookies in a Ziploc bag.

And then take bread.

Yeah, bread.

And then break upthe pieces of bread and put them in theZiploc bag with it.

The cookies are going tosoak up all the moisture from the bread.

And then after acouple of hours, or overnight I just left it,cookies will literally be soft.

So basically you just got toget bread near your cookies and they'll become soft.

I don't know manypeople deal with this, but if you get tree sapanywhere on your body, a way to get it off is tojust take toothpaste and just wipe it on the tree sap.

I kid you not, itcomes off right away.

Oh, lovely.

So I hope you guysenjoyed this video.

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I love you guys so much.

Bye! I've been using the same exactwording for the past two years.

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