Weird Beauty Life Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know!

Press on.

Press off.

Hey guys! It's Rachel.

And I decided to doa weird beauty life hacks every girl should know,because I've benefited so much from knowing these things.

But first off, this ismy last weekend giveaway.

If this video getsto 200,000 likes, I'll do another one next month.

For now, this is my last one.

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Yeah, I'm talking aboutthat Shenae Johnson.

You know what'sreally unfortunate about this entire situationis that I didn't realize that my makeup desk is kindof pretty until after I filmed the entire videos.

For some reason,I filmed the rest of this video [SNAPS FINGERS]in front of a green screen.

Good job, Rachel.

Let's make it my makeupdesk again.

[SNAPS FINGERS] Let's get on withthe weird beauty life hacks every girl should know.

OK, if you have theworld's worst dark circles, this life hack is to use redlipstick as a concealer primer.

And I saw this picture online.

Shout out to thischick over here.

She invented the trick.

And I tried it out tosee if it's legitimate.

I wore it today.

I'm going to show you one sidejust putting on plain concealer and then one sidedoing this trick.

Ready? Don't put a lot.

Blend it with your fingers tomake sure there's no excess.

Now watch this.

Which dark circle is more even? The one that I just putregular concealer on, or the one that Iput the red under? Another makeup life hack.

I did a video onthis a while ago.

So this trick basicallymakes your eyelashes longer when you put on mascara.

That's regular mascara.

Now this life hackentails cotton balls.

You take a single cotton ball.

The trick is, youjust take this brush and pick up somecotton ball fibers and put it in between everysingle coat of mascara you put.

Oh! [SINGING] Thestory of my life! Well, that dot's gonna bethere the rest of my life.

And then take this,add another coat.

And then do it again.

If you feel cotton ball getinto your eye, just get it out.

I don't think it could be goodto have legitimate anything in your eye for too long.

Before, after.

I also made a video aboutthis three years ago.

But that was three years ago.

This is for ifyou're ever in a rush and you want to wear eyeshadow.

You can make theeyeshadow the day before.

Do you see these foam sheets? You can get them from Michael's.

But basically take afoam sheet like this one.

Just cut two piecesthat are shaped like an eye out of the foamsheet and then take some water, brush the water over it.

Take some pigmenteyeshadow, paint it wherever you want the colorto be onto the foam sheet.

And then let it dry and thenyou could save a bunch of these and just use them the next day.

I decided to make two.

Here's a smoky eye andhere's a brown smoky eye.

Prime those lids first.

Oh my god! They're both for the same eye.

A round of applause for me! I'm gonna give you guysfive seconds to choose which one I'm gonna use.

And if you're right, you win! Comment down below if you win.

Ready? I'm gonna do this one.

Literally press it on.

And then all you needto do is blend it.

Press off.

Oh! And now [INAUDIBLE] blending.


If every time you tweeze youreyebrows or your mustache or wherever you tweeze,it hurts really badly, take some Baby Orajel.

It's for teething pain.

But Orajel basically numbs it.

Doesn't hurt yourskin or anything.

Let it chill for a minute,and then wipe it away.

And tweeze withoutfeeling any pain.

If you have the problem whereyour lips are always chapped, no matter how much water Idrink, take a green tea bag and then wet it in the sink.

Squeeze out any excess water.

Take the bag and put it on yourlips for about five minutes and they will not be chapped.

I don't know why thisworks, but it does.

This next trick is how to geta nice nail design easily.

Just take the nail polish youwant and draw whatever design you want on asandwich bag, and then set it aside to let it dry.

Once it's dry, place it on yournail and push it really hard.

The nail designwill just peel off when you peel thesandwich bag off.

And then bam, heart nail design! If you have darkarmpits– I did.

I saw a YouTubevideo two years ago on how to get ridof dark underarms from [? Andrew's ?]Choice, and I never tried the method 'cause Ididn't think it would work.

Two weeks ago, Istarted using it and now my armpitsare pretty much white.

Take a potato.

A potato– yeah.

You could cut in half, butI literally usually just go like this.

[CRUNCH] Rub it on your armpit.

It's OK.

No one's going to judge you ifthey can't see you doing it.

This next life hackis so ridiculous.

But if you're clumsyand get bruises all the time everywhere–here's a bruise right here.

I don't even know what happened.

Somehow it's somewherethat people would see and you don't want to be there.

Put some mouthwashon a cotton ball.

Yeah, I said mouthwash.

This is my bruise.

[CLUNK] Where did it go? If your hair has refusedto retain volume.

This is my hair natural.

Notice how up here itis stuck to my head.

You guys already know this'cause of my prom life hacks video.

But white powder canbe used as dry shampoo.

And dry shampoo usuallymakes my hair actually flatter for some reason.

Most people it's the opposite.

I'll do it on this side.

Just play around with it.

Legitimatelynothing in the world gives me volume except for this.

So I hope you guysenjoyed this video.

If you missed my previous twovideos, click those down below.

And subscribe rightover there if you're not subscribed already.

I love you so much! Bye! [KISS].

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