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Have you every had those dayswhere you're so excited because you and your spouse have a great, hot sexy date lined up? But, then, you get going, you do your mom thing, you're getting 5,000 thingsdone, you're running around, you're juggling a million things.

The day has just slipped away and you look at the time and realize, "Oh, dear, I've only got like 15 minutes to get complete transformed for our date and I look and smell likesomething out of a horror film".

Don't fret.

In just a few quickmoments you can go from frumpy mom to hot and sassy, hot date (record scratch) hot-tie-ness, hot, (groan).

Frumpy feeling mom to supersassy, hot date ready.

(finger snap) Let me show you how.

First things first, you gotta get out of what you're wearing.

I don't even know what it is, but I can tell you youneed to get out of it.

Slip into something that is comfortable, but also makes you feel confident.

Don't you feel sassier already? (finger snap) Yeah, yeah ya do.

Work that updo, mhmm.

In my opinion you can never go wrong with something that's black.

Oh, my gosh, I reallyneed to use my other hand.


That's black, loose fittingbut still flattering, and that you could nevergo wrong with sparkles.

Now, give yourself a little wiff.

Look, just to play on the safe side, go ahead and add a little extra deodorant even if you've already put some on today.

(clicks mouth) Just trust me.

Ok, now you're dressed.

Lets do something with that hair.

A lot of people get stuckthinking, "I don't have time".

Yes, you do.

Yes, you have time.

Take your hair, however it is, and just just shake it out.

Yup, just like that.

Next, grab yourself some dry shampoo.

It not only smells goodand freshens up your hair, but it adds some good body and texture.

The goal is big, sassy, messy,beachy, Victoria Secret style.

Kay, just go with it.

Yeah, we got it.

(upbeat music) Now, I know there are lotsof ways to curl your hair and a lot of them take a thousand hours.

Raise your hand if youhave a thousand hours.

(crickets chirping) Yeah, I didn't think so.

All you need to curl yourhair is five minutes.

Grab your hair in big pieces.

Don't even worry about sectioningoff layers or anything, just go for it.

(upbeat piano music) Don't hairspray 'em, don't touch 'em.

We're just going to let 'em cool off and we're gonna move on to teasing.

I like me some big hair.

I do.

I do, I really do.

Go from like, to like, yeah, this.


Who does't want to date this? OK, that was a bad idea.

Grab a comb, grab some hairspray, spray, tease, repeat.

And, don't stop until your hair is huge.

(upbeat music) When you're done, lightlycomb out the very top layer, but don't undo what you just did.

Lightly, people, lightly.

Oh, wait, don't have timeto touch up your makeup? That's fine.

All we're gonna do is add lashes.

I show you exactly how to put them on in my other Millennial Moms video.

Kay, eyelashes are on, hair is teased.

Now just shake out your hair, loosen it up, break up those curls, make it nice and big and tousled, and then add some hairspray tojust set everything in place.

A tip that I love to do is take a Q-tip, add a little bit of justnormal lotion to it, and wipe under your eye.

It really helps clearany smudges or smears that you may or may nothave realized are there.

And, lastly, grab your favorite perfume and go cray, cray.

A man loves a good smelling woman so just, just do it.

Ditch your diaper bag fora totally impractical purse that you love and never use.

And, BAM! Complete transformationfrom frumpy feeling mom to super hot date in just a few minutes.

Going on dates is so important.

I know for me and my husband we make sure to have adate every single weekend.

So, make time for them, people.

As a mom, you are important.

You need to feel beautiful,you need to feel sexy, you need to feel sassy.

Take five minutes and transform yourself.

It really will helpstrengthen your relationship.

Because, when you feelgood about yourself, I don't know, just you feel good.

I leave the quotes to Oprah, alright.

Get off my back.

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