DIY Weird Hair Tools You NEED To Try!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Rachael, can youclean the hairbrush? Rachael? But I'm not the only personthat uses the hairbrush.


But you're the only personwith long, ombre hair that get's stuck in it.


I'm sure there's aneasier way to do this.

Hey, guys.

It's Rachael.

I wasn't feeling makeup today.

So I decided it would befun to do DIY weird hair tools you need to try.

Comment down below which one ofthese things are your favorite.

Let's see if we can getthis video to 300,000 likes for weird hair life hacks.


Let's get on with the video.

I'm sure you've seen thesehair removal springs around.

But I bet you didn't knowthat you can make them really easily.

All you need are pencilswith grips and springs.

And you can get these springsfrom any hardware store.

So just take thegrips off the pencil however you want todo that, and just slide them onto the springs.

And then you're ready to go.

You could just rollit on your hair, and it will removeso fast and easily.

If you want a fast and easy wayto heatlessly curl your hair, just take one of those foampads that somehow always appear around your house.

I don't know if anyoneelse has that problem.

And then just cutout a lollipop shape.

And cut a hole in themiddle of the circular part of a lollipop.

And then just roll yourhair up through the stick.

And then secure thebottom through the hole, and spray some water on it.

If you make enoughof these, this is really good forheatless curls.

We'll see.

Ready for the reveal? And then unravel it.


To make an easy DIYfrizz tamer, just take an old massacre,water, and any hair gel.

Just take the littlerubber stopper out.

Then just mix a halfcontainer of the water and a quarter of the containerof hair gel together, and you've got aneasy frizz tamer.

To make a quick volumespray, if you're like me and your hair literally refusesto retain volume, just take baby powder, water,and a spray bottle, and mix of them together.

But you need atiny drop of water.

And then just spray it on theroots of your hair and play with it.

To save yourself fromthat whole brush dilemma, just take your hairbrush and a gauze pad.

These you can find in any firstaid kit, anywhere pretty much.

Open up the gauze pad, and thenkind of just stretch it out.

And just place the gauzepad over the hairbrush.

Just poke those littlebristles through.

Then just brush yourhair for however long it takes for that hairbrush to get full of hair.

Then just take off the gauzepad, and throw it in the trash, and restart.

So I hope you guysenjoyed this video.

If you didn't see myprevious two videos, click those downbelow, and subscribe right over there ifyou're not subscribed to [INAUDIBLE] Variety.


I love you guys so much.



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