Beauty Hacks with a Match, Essential Oils and a Business Card!

(upbeat electronic dance music) – Hey everyone, I'm Melea, back for another episode of my show.

Okay so today I wanted totalk about beauty hacks because if you know thesetypes of little tips and tricks you can save a lot of time andyou can save a lot of money and that's what we're allabout here on my channel so, I thought we'd show a few ofthose today and if you guys like it, make sure you likethe video or comment with some of your own so I can domore of these in the future and I think it's abouttime to get started, so let's start with number one.

(upbeat electronic dance music) Alright the first oneI wanna talk about is being able to plump up your lips, I think I've talked aboutbefore that I have really thin lips so a lot of peoplewill buy those expensive lip glosses that have the plumper in them, and they tingle, they doall that kinda crazy stuff, sometimes those are like 20 to 30 dollars, well you don't have todo that anymore because all you need to do isgrab some peppermint oil.

A lot of you guys probablyhave essential oils at home, if you don't I'll link you tothem in the description below.

But all you need to do is eitherput that on your lips first and then grab your favoritelip gloss, put it on top, it'll do the exact same thingfor a fraction of the price.

So I'll show you guys how to do it.

(upbeat electronic dance music) There you go, I'm all tingly.

They're gonna get bigand plump and hopefully look a little bit bigger bythe time this video is done.

Alright the next thingI wanna talk about is actually putting your eyelineron with a credit card, a business card or just like a gift card.

So I grabbed my L'anza gift card.

The reason why I wantedto show this to you guys today is because I knowa lot of people freak out when they put on their eyeliner,they don't know what to do and they're like worriedit's gonna be all crazy, so if you wanted to add alittle bit of like a wing-tip to the side all you need is this.

So I'm gonna show you how todo it today I'm gonna be using the Benefit They're Real Push-Up Mascara, it's one of my favorites,if you guys can see it's actually flexingand I love that about it because it's a lot harder tomess up when you put it on.

Okay so when you're readyto start you just need to take your card or creditcard and put it right underneath next to your lower lashline.

If you want more of a swoop,you wanna angle the card up and if you want less of a swoopyou'll angle the card down.

(upbeat electronic dance music) Okay so if you can see thereis my little wing right there, and I used it with my card.

And you can get as crazy or asextreme as you want with this depending on what kindof look you're going for.

It's a lot of fun to pull thisout and do some crazy things for Halloween or costumesor anything like that too.

(laughing) Okay, now I want youguys to get a lighter.

We are going to turn in aregular old eyeliner pencil into a gel liner pencil immediately.

The reason why you mightwant a gel liner pencil is because it gives you likea really dark glossy look instead of a kohl look.

So I'll show you guys onmy hand what it looks like before and after if that's okay.

Here's like a regular kohl linerand you can blend it in and smudge it if you want tobut if you wanted a gel look without buying an extra pencilbecause this one was a dollar it's E.



it's adollar, which is awesome.

All you need to do is holdit underneath the flame for one second.

So we're gonna hold for one, two.

Let it cool for 15 seconds you don't wanna burn your hand obviously.

And then when it's coolall you're gonna do as I'll show you, you canput it on your eye and use it but it will look totally different can you see? It's like a total gel liner instead, which means it'll stay in place and just so you guys remember, heat will process like,when we curl our hair, heat will actually formthe curl or form what we want something to doand then when it cools down that's when it actually sets.

It's the same thing with this, so, when it cools it's actuallysetting into a gel liner, so while it's still warm youwanna use it before it sets so it'll stay on your eyelids and look super pretty when you're all done.

Kay those are all of my hacksfor today for the beauty side, I hope you guys like them,maybe you have tried them, maybe you haven't.

Comment and let me know whatyou guys have been doing that has saved you some timeand has saved you some money and I'll talk to you guys nexttime on my channel, thanks! Bye guys.

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