9 Incredible Lemon Hacks For Your Home

– [Voiceover] Squeezingevery last drop of juice from our common itemsis just how we do things at Household Hacker andtoday is no exception.

When life hands you lemons,you take those lemons and show the world who's boss.

Ever forget to swap your laundry and now it smells likemildew or perhaps the whites need a boost? Pour 1/2 cup to one cup oflemon juice into the washer during the wash cycle.

The citric acid inlemons is an all natural bleaching alternative that'll fight stains and leave clothes smellingfresh and unlike bleach, lemon juice is safe for colors too.

If you've been using chemicals or chopping potent vegetableslike onions or garlic, you can get rid of that nasty smell that sticks around for hours on your hands before it even has a chance to settle.

Just rub a slice of lemonover the affected area and wash with soapy water.

The natural acidity oflemons provides great antibacterial propertiesthat'll help you disinfectant anything in your home.

A great example of thisis on your cutting board.

Using 1/2 a lemon addsalt to make it abrasion and scrub thoroughly.

The lemon will not only help kill germs on your cutting board,but it's also gonna help eliminate stains and leavebehind a nice citrus scent.

Add a spritz of citrusflavors to drinks, seafood, salads and a whole lot more.

Turn an old spray bottleinto a lemon spritzer by rinsing it out, rolling alemon to burst segments inside and thinly cutting off therind of each end of the lemon, trimming the dip tube to an inch or two and then inserting itinto the top of the lemon.

Your new lemon juice sprayerwill help preserve fresh fruit by distributing lemonjuice evenly inhibiting the oxidation of the fruit,which prevents browning.

As you probably know by now, vinegar is a cost effectiveway to get rid of grease and disinfect almostanything in your house.

But to many people, that temporary stench can be unbearable.

That's where your lemons come in.

You can use either lemonscraps or slice a fresh lemon into a pint size jar.

Just top it off with white vinegar.

Put the lid on tightly andstore it for a few weeks.

Give it a shake every now and then though to keep things moving.

By week three, your lemonvinegar is ready for cleaning.

Fill an empty bottle half waywith just the liquid portion and top if off with warm water.

Your new lemon scented all purpose cleaner will wipe away dirt, grime,and polish glass surfaces leaving behind a pleasant fragrance.

Many of us have just become accustomed to using baking soda in thefridge to get rid of odors.

However, the powder actuallytends to form a crust or film that hinders it's effectiveness.

Due to the alkaline nature of lemons, they can actually neutralize acidic odors.

If you soak a cotton ball in lemon juice, it can actually be moreeffective at absorbing smells and add a bright citrus scent.

Try putting a few of these in your fridge instead of baking soda.

You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Just make sure you swap'em out every week or two.

Now here's a bright way touse leftover lemon rinds while avoiding dirtying more dishes.

Slice the ends carefullyand create a level base.

Take your lemon halvesand carve out the insides.

Now freeze them for a few hours.

They transform into colorful dessert bowls perfect for serving up a fresh scoop of your favorite sorbet orice cream on a hot summer day.

You can keep away ants,fleas, moths, or other insects using the strong odorsand flavors of lemons.

Start by peeling the rind ofa lemon and placing the peels in a paper towel.

Fold and twist the paper towel together and seal it off with arubber band or twist tie to create a sache.

Place it along windowsills, door entrances or even near cracksand holes where insects might be coming in.

They hate the scent ofcitrus, especially lemons.

Over time, coffee machinesdevelop lime scale, which can affect their performance and the taste of your coffee.

Fill your usual water reservoirwith a lemon juice solution made up of about 1/3 to 1/2 lemon juice and the remaining with water.

Now run your machine through a brew cycle without adding coffee several times until the reserve runs low.

The lemon juice willflow through the machine and dissolve any lime scale buildup.

Let the remaining liquidsit for about four hours before dumping the remains.

You might want to rinse themachine with another brew cycle of water to get rid ofthat taste of lemons.

But hey, you might like that added flavor.

Your machine should nowfunction as good as new.

Thank you all so much for watching.

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