8 Incredibly Simple Kitchen Hacks

– [Voiceover] You'veclicked on eight incredibly simple kitchen hacks, a finely curated listof culinary exploits.

So slap on your chef hatand buckle your apron, cause there aren't enoughcooks in this kitchen.

Are you one of those fine,upstanding individuals who struggles with chopsticks? No worries, save yourselfa little embarrassment by using the coil of a clothespin to create foolproof chopsticks.

Simply remove the wood fromthe spring of the clothespin, taking note of the deepened notches.

Use a knife to create your own grooves near the thicker end ofone side of each stick.

With the notch side ofeach stick facing outwards, slide each stick through the spring coil until it's aligned and secure.

The result is a pair ofspring-loaded chopsticks that are easy to use andrequire no lifelong skill to pick up food with.

Legend has it that eating bananas may cause you to put off ascent that attracts mosquitoes.

Now is that true? We don't know, but we will tell you this, banana peels are a greathomemade remedy for itchy skin.

They can relieve itchingfrom bug bites, poison ivy, and a lot more.

Some say that the chemical make up of the skin of a banana could be soothing and draw fluid out from abite and promote healing.

When you're done, we adviseyou to always compost your unused food waste, as it makes for a great organic soil to grow your future plants.

Make a spill-proof snackcontainer from Mason jars using recycled material.

Rinse out a throw away container that comes with a pour spout.

Then trace the lid of aMason jar and cut it to size.

You may have to trim a little extra in order to fit the lid securely.

Your new snack shaker isperfect for your pantry, your children, or when you're on the go.

Not to mention, it'salso great for drinks.

Have you ever reachedfor your brown sugar, only to discover thatyour air tight container wasn't enough to preventit from hardening? Here's a simple solution, transfer the brown sugar intoa microwave-safe container and nuke it for 20 to 30 seconds directly in the microwave.

Now if it's as hard as a brick, go ahead and cover it witha moist paper towel first.

The sugar should now besofter and easier to break up.

It's ready to be used,stored in the freezer, or transferred back intothe air tight container.

Just adding a handfulof marshmallows on top, can also help put moisture back in, which will solve all of yourclumpy brown sugar woes.

If your waffle makeris only making waffles, then the only waffle is you.

Preheat a waffle iron to medium-high heat, coat with cooking oil or butter, then shred potatoes andseason them to taste.

Now evenly spread the mixturedirectly onto the waffle iron, close it nice and gently andcook until their golden brown, that's probably aboutfour to five minutes.

Thanks to your handy waffle iron, your hashbrowns will turnout soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

If you find yourself ina pinch without a funnel, snip off one corner ofan ordinary envelope, and then, clip off the point to turn it into a disposable funnel.

If the hole isn't big enough, simply snip a little more off the end until it works for you.

There are countless waysto cut and peel an onion utilizing kitchen utensils and gadgets.

But there's really onlyone that you need to know.

Start by spritzing vinegaron your cutting board to interrupt the chemical reaction that causes that painfulburn in your eyes, cut off the stem andthe root of the onion, cut a thin line down the side and peel away the skin and outer layer.

Now cut the onion in half, following the natural vertical lines from the top to the base.

Now place the cut sidedown on the cutting board.

Instead of cutting all the way through, this time, cut throughthree-fourths of the onion, leaving the root end of the onion in tact.

This will keep the onion together as you space out your cuts, depending on whether you want it chopped, diced, minced, or whatever.

Then turn the onion sideways and cut perpendicular tothe slices you just made.

Now if you still find yourself with tears, just keep in mind thatthey're tears of joy.

Egg cartons have a million uses, but here's a great one for game night.

Simply cut small slits intothe bottom of the egg pocket and slide cards into each slot.

If you want to plan ahead for more cards, you can also cut slits inbetween each egg pocket as well.

Now you can keep your hands free and your cards private.

If Uno's your game, maybehiding the last handful in your hands is still the best option.

If you don't like that idea, there's always a chip clip.

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