10 Summer Life Hacks To Try Right Now

This is 10 summer life hacks to try right now.

A finely curated list of tips for your next summer extravaganza.

So snap on that life vest and let's dive in.

Instead of storing your freezer pops on their side, which creates air pockets, try storing your freezer pops upright in the freezer! Use every inch of freezer space by clipping ice pops underneath the shelves for a guaranteed clean cut every time.

Cutting corn off the cob can be messy and a dangerous task.

The safer way to do this is by placing your corn in the center of an upside down bundt cake pan.

Now use a knife to cut down the side of the cob.

Once you've rotated and cut off all the kernels, use the back of your knife to scrape the cob and release all the juices.

Your kernels are now ready to be used as a side dish or make corn bread, casserole sautes, whatever you want.

Next to cookies, ice cream stands as the best selling treat in America.

But together they're out of this world.

To create this delicious treat, whip together your favorite cookie dough recipe and split the batch into two equal portions.

S Roll out the first portion on parchment paper with a rolling pin.

And cut the circles slightly larger than the bottom of each hole, in the muffin tin.

With the remaining dough create a base by placing a small blob of cookie dough on the top of each cup of an upside down muffin tin.

Now cover the bottom of each cup with a circular cutout of dough and form your bowl Chill the whole thing in your fridge or freezer for about 5 to 10 minutes to help your cookies keep their form.

Bake it in the oven according to your recipe instructions And then while they cool down, use a spoon to clean up the edges and reinforce the bowl's shape before they're set It's time to add scoops of ice cream to each cookie bowl Finish off by drizzling on your favorite toppings and then get ready to impress your guests.

They are utterly amazing.

Enjoy a lazy day in the pool by staying cool with a fun noodle beverage boat.

Find yourself a sturdy plastic container and a Styrofoam pool noodle Measure all 4 sides of the container and cut the noodle to fit each side accordingly Use either strong scissors or a very sharp knife to cut the noodle Thread some twine through the middle of each piece of the noodle and create a rectangular shape that will fit snug around the container as you pull the twine tightly around it and secure a small knot at the base of the string.

You can either cut off the excess string or tie a loop for easy access to your boat Fill your new beverage boat with your favorite drinks and top it off with a bag of ice Now you can amuse your party guests as your bobbing beverage boat floats on by By now you've probably seen this way of cutting watermelons into small cubes Today we'll show you another simple yet brilliant way to cut and serve watermelon Start by cutting cutting your watermelon in half with a chefs knife.

Take one half and face it down on your cutting board.

Carefully, shave off the rind from top to bottom Taking as little of the red flesh as possible Now cut off any remaining rind left behind And trim off the top.

Slice lines about an inch or so apart, and turn the watermelon sideways.

Now, cut perpendicular to the slices that you just made.

The trick is to find a bowl that just fits over the top of your fresh cut watermelon.

To avoid a wet mess, clean up excess juices from the board with a paper towel.

And hold the bowl securely to the board, as you flip the bowl right side up.

Insert wood popsicle sticks into each perfectly cut slice to create a mess free watermelon pop, that your kids will love and the guest are sure to enjoy.

Most people know this one already, but we want to remind you, to stay hydrated during those hot, summer days ahead.

Fill an empty water bottle about a third full and put it in the freezer on it's side.

Once it's frozen, fill the rest with water for a longer lasting cold bottle.

The FDA does know that re-using plastic water bottles without washing them could possibly harbour bacteria.

But it doesn't cause them to release carcinogenic dioxins into the fluids of their containing.

This was actually debunked but the American Cancer Society.

So if you're still skeptical, try this instant freeze trick instead.

Place purified water in the freezer on it's side for roughly 3 hours.

Then, carefully remove it once it reaches 32 degrees fahrenheit.

Now give it a good smack and watch science go to work.

Now if you're in need of additional electricity sources, here's a great way to keep extention cord plugs dry if it happens to rain or if the ground is moist.

Grab yourself a re-usable plastic container and cut notches on the opposite sides.

Place the cord connection in the container and snap on the lid.

This hack will offer temporary protection for your extension cord plugs for all your outdoor necessities.

To avoid that melting mess at the bottom of your waffle cone, stuff a marshmallow inside to plug the bottom.

To give you more room for the ice cream, Cut the marshmallow in half and stuff it into the bottom of your cone and then, add chocolate syrup.

This will leave a bonus smore like treat for you once you're near the end.

And now you'll have less of a mess but plenty more smiles.

Surely, you've seen those hydrobolic water launchers that drench people with ease.

These pump action water blasters are also a fantastic way to fill water balloons of various sizes.

Simply, dip the spout in the pool, bucket or tub of water, and draw water into the chamber.

Wrap the end of a balloon securely around the spout of the squirter and quickly pump water directly into the balloon.

You can pinch of the balloon and refill the chamber as many times as you need before tying off the balloon.

Before you know it, your bucket of water is full of balloons and you're ready for war.

Water balloon fights are fun for kids of all ages.

Just be careful of what might be in your line of fire.

You can build your own rope swing with 3 basic materials and a few tools.

Your local hardware store should have pre cut 12 inch plywood rounds, a carabiner, and about 20 feet of outdoor poly rope.

Start by sanding the edges of the plywood slab.

Now locate and mark the center of the wood and drill a hole that's about the width of your rope.

If your swing is meant to be a permanent fixture, tie it directly to a beam or a tree branch.

Thicker rope is obviously more durable but tying knots might be a bit difficult.

We added a carabiner so that you easily the the rope swing down.

Once the rope is hanging in place, feed the rope to the ground and cut.

Now push the rope through the hole in the seat and adjust the rope to the height to your liking before tying a double knot under the seat.

Leave a little tail of rope just in case you decide to adjust it later.

We suggest testing the swing before your kids do.

Your new homemade rope swing will be sure to encourage your kids to play outside and leave nothing short of smiles on their faces.

Thank you so much for watching! Remember, we love hearing from you so post your own summer hacks in the comments.

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See you next time.

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